¡Programando en Español

The Case for a Spanish Programming Language and Why Puerto Rico is the Perfect Place for It

4/17/20232 min read

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¡Programando en Español! The Case for a Spanish Programming Language and Why Puerto Rico is the Perfect Place for It

Programming languages have always been predominantly in English, creating a barrier for non-English speakers aspiring to enter the software development world. To bridge this gap, I propose creating a new computer programming language entirely in Spanish. This article will discuss the feasibility, benefits, and challenges of such an initiative and why Puerto Rico would be the ideal place to bring this concept to life.


While creating a new programming language is no small task, it is feasible. With a strong team of linguists, computer scientists, and software developers, we can develop a language with syntax, keywords, and libraries that reflect the grammatical rules and nuances of the Spanish language. Building upon existing programming paradigms, the Spanish programming language can be designed to be versatile and user-friendly, ensuring its usability and effectiveness.


Accessibility: A programming language in Spanish would provide a more inclusive learning environment for Spanish-speaking students, making it easier for them to grasp programming concepts and develop their coding skills.

Talent development: By breaking down language barriers, a Spanish programming language would empower more Spanish-speaking people to enter the software development field, fostering a more diverse and skilled talent pool.

Localization: A Spanish programming language would streamline the development of software and applications tailored to the needs and preferences of Spanish-speaking communities, fostering innovation and improving user experience.

Educational opportunities: A programming language in Spanish would create opportunities for computer science education in schools and universities across the Spanish-speaking world, promoting digital literacy and preparing students for future jobs.


Adoption: Convincing developers and organizations to adopt a new programming language can be challenging, especially given the dominance of existing languages. It will be crucial to demonstrate the benefits of the Spanish programming language and provide ample resources and support for its adoption.

Compatibility and integration: Ensuring that the Spanish programming language can seamlessly integrate with existing software and systems will be essential for its success. This will require collaboration with technology companies and the open-source community.

Maintaining and updating the language: Developing a programming language is ongoing. The team behind the Spanish programming language will need to continuously update, support, and improve it to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.

Why Puerto Rico is the Ideal Place:

Bilingual community: Puerto Rico's bilingual population provides a unique advantage in developing a Spanish programming language. With a deep understanding of English and Spanish, Puerto Rican developers can bridge the gap between existing programming languages and the proposed Spanish language.

Growing tech industry: Puerto Rico's technology sector has been steadily increasing, making it an ideal location for nurturing innovation and new ideas, such as creating a Spanish programming language.

Educational initiatives: Puerto Rico has been investing in education and digital literacy, providing a solid foundation for developing and adopting a Spanish programming language in local schools and universities.

Cultural pride: As a Spanish-speaking US territory, Puerto Rico can take pride in pioneering a programming language that champions the Spanish language and promotes its cultural heritage in the world of technology.

Creating a new computer programming language entirely in Spanish is feasible and valuable. It can empower Spanish-speaking individuals, foster innovation, and expand educational opportunities. With its unique combination of bilingualism, a growing tech industry, and commitment to education, Puerto Rico is the perfect place to develop and champion this groundbreaking initiative. ¡Vamos a programar en español!